AquaSafe lukket merd

Aquasafe closed fish cage

Safeguards against escape & sea lice

The AquaSafe is a closed fish cage system in steel with sludge collection. Aquasafe prevents escape, spread of salmon lice and disease in addition to eliminating pollution of the sea and seabed.

The closed fish cage built of steel can be lifted completely out of the water using  lifting system based on compressed air. This facilitates washing, disinfecting and maintenance on site. In raised position the cage can be moved to another site. fish 

Versatile closed fish cage with sludge collection

Aquasafe has many uses in fish farming. It is well suited for post-smolt production, delousing operations, farming of adult salmon and it’s suited for containing fish before slaughter.

Cost efficient closed fish cage

The unique construction and assembly method used for Aquasafe makes it a particularly cost effective closed fish farming system. The Aquasafe technology is patented.