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INCREASED seafood production

REDUCED environmental impact

REDUCED production cost

Photo: Steinar Johansen/MNH

Seafarming Systems utilise technology competency from floating offshore installations to develop

productive and sustainable fish farming systems

Sea lice


Sludge collection

Large scale production

Circular economy

Reduced cost

Aquatraz is an escape-proof semi closed steel fish cage with abundant water supply and deep skirts protecting against sea lice. From 2018 to 2021 Aquatraz cages produced 6.438 tonnes of salmon. Results show that Aquatraz can solve problems with sea lice and produce at lower cost than conventional cages, depreciations included. 

Sea lice


Aquantum Leap is a closed floating fish farming system in steel protecting salmon from escape and sea lice. This fish farming system facilitates large scale production including a true circular economy where the fish sludge is collected and recycled.

Aquasafe is an escape-proof steel fish cage protecting from salmon lice and collecting fish sludge