Learn more about our innovative solutions that take seabased fish farming to the future with large scale sustainable growth.

The Aquatraz is a semi-closed fish farm designed to improve fish welfare, prevent salmon from escaping and improve working conditions. Aquatraz has a lifting system which allows the cage to be lifted out of the water. This simplifies cleaning, disinfection, maintenance, and delivery of fish.

A closed fish farm solution in steel. This fish farm is particularly well suited for containing fish before slaughter. The unique construction and assembly method makes the Aquasafe price worthy and accessible.

Semi closed cages with lice skirt and water flow solutions. The steel Aquajet can be lifted completely out of water with a lifting system based on compressed air. The Aquajet Flex is a flexible fish cage based on conventional fish farming equipment.

Aquantum leap is a patented disruptive fish farming technology consisting of two complementary solutions. Aquantum 12k is optimized for post smolt production and Aquantum 500k for larger fish.

Lice free

No escape

Sludge collection


Safety at work

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Seabased closed containment systems

A couple of weeks before election day in Canada, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal party expressed: “In British Columbia, we will work with the province to develop a responsible plan to transition from open net-pen salmon farming in coastal waters to closed containment systems by 2025”. The British Columbia Salmon farmers Association calls the plan “destructive” and… Read More…

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