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Seafarming Systems provide a quantum leap in cage technology that enables sustainable growth in fish farming

More than 10.000 tonnes salmon have since 2018 been produced in escape proof semi closed Aquatraz cages with good biological results. Aquatraz has lower production costs than conventional net pens, also when you take the investment into account. More about Aquatraz.

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Aquantum 500k 02 E1684774985109.jpg

Aquantum® cages are flow through cages like the Aquatraz, but in addition to closed side wall they also have a closed bottom. The Aquantum Leap project will be realised if development licenses are granted. More about Aquantum

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Aquasafe cages are the most closed cage stretching from limited water exchange and water treatment systems to recirculation systems (RAS) witn zero waste. More about Aquasafe

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