Aquantum Leap closed containment system is one example of the future of fish farming.
Aquantum Leap is one example of the future of fish farming.

What is the future for sustainable aquaculture?

We anticipate great changes in the near future of fish farming. The Norwegian government have deemed a production growth of 500% by 2050, desirable. Despite the ambitious goal, there have been little growth the last few years because of sustainability challenges. Escaping salmon, sea lice and seabed pollution are environmental impacts that must be addressed. To overcome these challenges and enable growth of this scale, quite radical technology development is needed. That’s what Seafarming Systems aims at. We will realise the desired, sustainable growth in fish farming, by offering cutting edge cage culture technology. Technology that tackle the sustainability challenges, deal with the negative environmentally impacts and enable growth through large scale, automated, cost-effective fish farming systems.

Sea lice, algae and disease

Our fish farming systems are closed containment systems (ccs) or semi closed containment systems (sccs), with water intake solutions that ensure that no water is taken in from the upper layers where sea lice, algae and unwanted microorganisms lives.

Escaped salmon and safety

Our closed and semi closed fish cages safeguards your fish and prevents escape. These steel cages with deep rigid sidewalls that function as lice skirts, are equipped with lifting systems that can raise the whole structure out of water for washing, desinfecting and maintenance. These stable and safe working platforms protect workers as well as fish. Previous challenging heavy lifting operations are automated and the need for support vessels are reduced.

Fish farming locations

Available locations for salmon farming is a challenge in several aspects. Open net pen salmon farming require locations with a strong enough current to ensure fresh and oxygenated water, and to disperse sludge. Waves and rough water also place limits on salmon farming. Calm waters close to land is also sought after for recreational purposes, and so it can create conflict of interest for different users of the seaside. Our closed fish cages come with sludge collection, and water intake solutions. This increases the number of locations available for fish farming dramatically. Volume efficient fish cages like the Aquantum 500k matches the volume of 14 conventional open net pens, while only requiring 1/10 of the surface area.

Sludge collection

Solutions for sludge collection are possible for all our fish farming systems. Aquatraz and Aquajet Flex can be delivered with or without sludge collection. Closed fish cages like Aquantum Leap and Aquasafe have integrated sludge collection.

Large scale salmon production

In order to reach the desired 500% growth by 2050, the fish farming technology need to move towards large scale and automated production.

Closed containment aquaculture and sloshing

For closed containment systems, or closed fish farms, we need to take into account the free surface effect. When waves move a water filled closed container the waves within the container can exceed the waves without, and sloshing occurs. The effective mass of the moving water inside the fish cage must be included.

Safe operation of CLOSED aquaculture CAGES in WAVES (CCW) SINTEF research project, external site.

Our fish cages answer all the above mentioned challenges in different ways. Visit the product pages to learn more about the individual solutions.